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Grateful for Guilford

Over the years, the world as we know it
has gone through a multitude of changes
and developments as each town across the

country has become more immersed into the
modern age. Our charming little community
of Guilford has seen quite a few changes
itself; something that any long time Guilford
resident can attest to. In the last decade, our
town has seen the construction of the Guilford
Commons, the Guilford Dog Park, as well as
the new high school. Although these changes
are still relatively new, they have already
assimilated and become welcomed additions
to the community.

In addition to these physical changes, our lives
as individuals have also gradually been forced
to adapt with the advancement of technology
as social media has become a core aspect of
modern living. With platforms like Facebook
and Twitter becoming a necessity in terms
of keeping up to date with the latest local
information, as well as keeping in touch with
family and loved ones, it has almost become
difficult to remember a time when social
media did not exist.

Although beneficial in terms of
communication, social media is not without
its cons, as it has ushered in a whole new
generation of unrealistic expectations and
criticism. While the romanticization of
Hollywood and upscale living is not a new
concept, having been advertised through
magazines and televised commercials prior
to the internet, technology has only further
intensified these dream-like desires.

it does not hurt to remember the old saying,
‘All that glitters is not gold,’ just because
someone else’s situation looks more attractive
than the one you find yourself in, this does
not mean that it is necessarily so. Just as one
should use moderation when indulging in all
aspects of life, it is important to remember to
unplug and look at the world around us for
what it actually is and not what social media
paints it to be.

By Nick Chasse

Among all else, with the holiday season
quickly approaching and having already
started for some, it may be a good time to take
a moment to reflect and focus on what we do
have to be grateful for before we begin to focus
on what we do not have. Living in Guilford,
our eyes are privileged to some of the most
spectacular views on the East Coast. Now that
the world is more at ease and life has begun to
beat at the rhythm of a more familiar drum,
something that might be a nice activity before
the weather becomes too frigid is visit the
local Green. Throw on a jacket or sweater and
take an afternoon stroll around downtown;
maybe grab a cup of coffee and visit one of the
local museums. Rich in history, our town has
some of the oldest houses in the country, with
the Henry Whitfield House being the oldest
house in Connecticut and the oldest stone
house in all of New England.

With the ability to view the life of nearly
anyone at the click of the button, from your
next-door-neighbor, to your favorite celebrity,

Not a history buff? If you have more of a
penchant for the outdoors, take a drive down
to the town docks and take in the sounds
of the sea; or maybe visit one of Guilford’s

many hiking trails. If travel is what you seek,
Guilford is only two and a half hours from
New Hampshire and Cape Cod, depending
on if your heart belongs to the mountains or

if it belongs to the sea. If the outdoors is not
your thing and you prefer something more metropolitan, Guilford is also only two hours
from Manhattan and Boston. Can’t make up
your mind? Good news is, you don’t have
to! Fortunately for us New England is much
smaller than the rest of the country, so break
out your calendar and plan a weekend trip to
every state and see the best of what each has
to offer. And always remember that when your weekend travels are done, find the road that
takes you back home to beautiful Guilford.
Something we all can be grateful for!


The beautiful Green Green.
Photo by Nick Chasse

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