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February 7, 2018

Grazing the Sun

The first time I saw you my eyes were still cast in the night.

I saw a world of darkness, a world of shadows;

But more importantly,

A world of lust.


Each flame that ignited would burn out quicker than the last.

But you,

You were different;

You blinded me with your beckoning glow.

It was as if your voice was the sun,

And your words, its radiant light.

That beautiful, bare, brilliant light.


With each thing you said the truth suddenly shone clear;

The things I saw before me were no longer able to be held dear.

Quickly you rose, becoming the focal point of my life;

A swirling ball of fire that would never darken my sky.


You were my liberator when I thought I was nearing my end.

You were my muse, like an angel among men.

Yet still I knew you were something that I could never truly possess,

A fire who’s glow would leave me smoldering like ash.

(Photo by Dmitry Ratushny on Unsplash)

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