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February 6, 2018


The first time you left me, you ripped my heart out. Well, guess what?
I forgive you.
In fact, I should be thanking you!
Since then people have marveled at my medical anomaly, often asking what it’s like to
have such a large gaping hole in such an inconvenient place. I tell them it’s not terrible;
I mean all I really need to do is put on a shirt and no one knows anything is wrong.
Doctors often tell me that I should do something about it, maybe put something in its place
to fill the void. I tell them I’m fine. It may have bothered me at first but I’ve adapted. In fact,
now it’s an excellent hiding place for valuables. Keys, wallets, rings; you name it.

Like I said, if you cover it up no one knows anything is really wrong.


(Photo by Максим Лунгу on Unsplash)

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